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Workswell Medicas V1.0 Thermal Camera

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Product Description

This face temperature scanning plug & play infrared imaging solution is based on a real-time continuous calibration using black body radiation source to achieve great accuracy and stability, thermal (640×512 px) and RGB camera. Product highlights include: 

  • High resolution:  640 x 512px
  • high sensitivity: 30mK
  • Simultaneous recording videos and images (RGB and thermal)
  • Real-time hot spot analysis
  • HDMI for easy connectivity to displays and control via standard USB keyboard (as well as bluetooth keyboards)
  • 110 VAC / 230 VAC power supply
  • No PC required
  • Accuracy +/- 0.3 degrees C with Black Body Reference


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?SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/2RPzdIM ?CORONAVIRUS SCREENING: https://workswell-thermal-camera.com/thermal-imaging-camera-airport-flue-virus-screening/ English: Company Workswell due to the high global risk of spreanding of infectious diseases (the present risk is coronavirus) has moved resources to build a face temperature scanning plug & play infrared imaging solution named MEDICAS. That solution is based on a real-time continuous calibration using black body radiation source to achieve great accuracy and stability, thermal (640×512 px) and RGB camera. The thermal camera MEDICAS allows to measure the temperature of the human skin and is therefore effective when the body temperature increases for instance due to virus infection. The average body temperature on the skin surface of a healthy human is in the range of approximately 35.8°C to 37°C. If the human temperature (measured on the surface) exceeds 37°C, it may be an overheating of the body or a defensive reaction of the immune system to the infection of the organism (here the surface temperature can rise up to 4°C, ie. to 41°C). Accuracy: ± 0.3 °C (temperature accuracy according to reference blackbody) MORE INFO: https://workswell-thermal-camera.com/thermal-imaging-camera-airport-flue-virus-screening/ Italian: Workswell a causa dell'elevato rischio globale di malattie infettive (il rischio attuale è il coronavirus) ha spostato le risorse per costruire e affrontare la soluzione di imaging a infrarossi plug & play a temperatura controllata denominata MEDICAS. Questa soluzione si basa sulla calibrazione continua in tempo reale utilizzando la sorgente di radiazioni del corpo nero per ottenere una grande precisione e stabilità, termica (640 × 512 px) e fotocamera RGB. German: Aufgrund des hohen globalen Risikos von Infektionskrankheiten (das derzeitige Risiko ist das Coronavirus) hat das Unternehmen Workswell Ressourcen für den Aufbau und die Durchführung von Plug-and-Play-Infrarot-Bildgebungsl?sungen mit dem Namen MEDICAS zur Temperaturmessung verschoben. Diese L?sung basiert auf einer kontinuierlichen Echtzeitkalibrierung unter Verwendung einer Schwarzk?rperstrahlungsquelle, um eine hohe Genauigkeit und Stabilit?t sowie eine thermische (640 × 512 px) und eine RGB-Kamera zu erzielen. French: Workswell en raison du risque mondial élevé de maladies infectieuses (le risque actuel est le coronavirus) a déplacé des ressources pour construire et faire face à une solution d'imagerie infrarouge plug & play à balayage de température nommée MEDICAS. Cette solution est basée sur un étalonnage continu en temps réel utilisant une source de rayonnement du corps noir pour obtenir une grande précision et stabilité, une caméra thermique (640 × 512 px) et RVB. China 由於全球具有很高的傳染病風險(目前的風險是冠狀病毒),Workswell公司已經轉移了資源來構建和應對名為MEDICAS的即插即用紅外溫度成像解決方案。 該解決方案基於使用黑體輻射源的實時連續校準,以達到很高的精度和穩定性,熱像儀(640×512 px)和RGB相機。 STAY TUNED: YouTube ?http://bit.ly/2RPzdIM Facebook ?https://www.facebook.com/WorkswellEU/ Twitter ?https://twitter.com/workswellcz LinkedIN ?https://www.linkedin.com/company/3056707 #InfraredOnYourSide #MadeByWorkswell #Workswell

  • ?SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/2RPzdIM ?CORONAVIRUS SCREENING: http...

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